Monthly Archives: November 2012

Exeter to Birmingham

A year and a half ago Hannah and I, and our two children (one in and one out of the womb) moved from Exeter to Birmingham. I had quit my existing job and not yet found anything in the Birmingham area but all this added to the adventure of this next stage in our lives.
We both had been carrying the dream of starting a church in our hearts for a long time. Two years earlier we had felt God was saying now is the time to start pushing doors, a process that lead us to the UK’s second city.
We initially rented in Bearwood and I was offered a job just hours before Rhian was born. The first year or so has been spent living life and making friends whilst scouting out areas, taking advise and praying about where we should be based. We have now been living in our new house in the Longbridge/Northfield/West Heath area (depending on who you speak to) for two months.
It’s early days but the plan that has been in our hearts and minds is now starting to unfold before us.