Monthly Archives: January 2016


Wow! We are over half way through January, kids back in school, life back into motion and Christmas feels like an age ago.  It’s been even longer since I last posted anything, in-fact not since our Hope and Healing events in the Summer.

Lots has happened in the life of Redeemer since then.  In October we had our launch events starting with our bouncy fun day in Northfield High Street, at which much fun seem to be had by all. This was followed the week after by our Launch Sunday. It was great to have a number of guests with us as we officially launched the church plant.

In November we had our Family Fireworks evening once again at Happyfields Animal Sanctuary, which although was not without it stresses (including the coffee van getting stuck in the mud and sheep getting where they shouldn’t have), again seemed to be a real hit.  Then in December we held our own Christmas Carol Service as well as having the pleasure of helping out with the Northfield YMCA Carol Service.

2016 has a number of new adventures waiting for us and a couple of changes.  The first of these changes is due to take place very soon as we switch from an afternoon meeting to a morning one. Starting on Sunday 31st January we will be meeting at 10:30am, which will mean getting up a bit earlier but also the chance of an afternoon nap!

Our first big event of 2016 kicks off next week as our ‘Alpha’ starts with the Alpha Taster (introductory session) on Wednesday 27th January at the Black Horse side bar starting at 7:30pm. This includes a free curry and a short talk looking at some of life’s big questions!  All are welcome.

So we are hitting 2016 running, here we go!