Monthly Archives: April 2013

Faith, Sin and Repentance

The second of the sessions on our key beliefs was on faith, sin and repentance.

Faith is simply trusting in or depending on God.  In this we acknowledge God as the source of all we are and put Him rightly at the centre of our lives.  This leads to seeking his purposes and glory.

On the other hand sin is trusting in or depending on ourselves.  This is to reject God as giver of life and to put us at the centre of our lives.  This leads to being self-seeking and proud.

Repentance is a change of mind, basically turning from faith in ourselves to faith in God.  Recognising that dependence on self is damaging to ourselves and others, and offensive to God.  Sin is life sapping, joy stealing and God rejecting.  Faith in God is life enthusing, joy giving and God glorifying!

To become a follower of Jesus (a Christian) is to start a life of repentance.  That is a life of increasing joy as we continually turn more fully to the author and giver of life!