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Hope & Healing 2016 Feedback

Our Hope & Healing weekend was a few weeks ago now and we had a great time. I wanted to give a bit of feedback.  It is a bit difficult to do this in writing, and not appropriate to share everything, so I will give a few stories.

First of all God really encouraged us by kicking things off on the Friday before we had ‘officially’ even started.  I met a young man who after a biking accident was unable to lift his arm more than 45 degrees from his side.  After prayer he could lift it 90 degrees and after praying again, to his amazement, full movement was restored.  He then made a commitment to Jesus.

On the Saturday, from our Hope & Healing plot at the Northfield Carnival, a guy who had a bad back for a number of years felt heat going through his back from top to bottom, leading him to exclaim “that’s f…ing mad”.  Another guy who suffered chest pain, which made breathing more difficult, to the quiet surprise of his partner declared that it had totally gone.  A young woman who received prayer last year for situations in her life deliberately came to the Carnival in order to receive more prayer.

People received prayer for all sorts of conditions and situations in their lives, with many expressing awareness of the presence or power of God.  At a couple of points we even had people having to come back later in order to find space to be prayed for.  Many conversations where had and a number of gospels were given out.

Not everybody was healed but the day seemed like another step forward for Redeemer in seeing God work in supernatural ways.  Even those who did not seem to experience anything often appreciated being prayed for.  I prayed for one man who had pain and restricted movement in one arm and I expected he would be healed as God had already been healing by this point, but no improvement occurred. However, he was really grateful for me praying and I was able to give him some information and a gospel.

Then on the Sunday we had Noel and Coral Fellowes with us, sharing something of their amazing story.  This had a real impact on several people, helping to bring hope & healing into their lives.  So we had a great weekend but we don’t want it to end there! We want to increasingly learn to live lives that help bring hope & healing to others as we keep in step with Jesus and the hope & healing he brings everyday.