Monthly Archives: March 2013


In the past few months on a Tuesday evening we have been going through a number of beliefs which we see as vital for living life to the full.  The first of these was grace.

Once we trust in Jesus the way God sees us and feels about us dramatically changes.  From this point on God the Father feels the same way about us as he does his dear Son Jesus.  This means God has 100% delight in us 100% of the time.  He is always well pleased with us as he is always well pleased with Jesus.

This is because when we trust in Jesus his perfect life and death are considered as our own.  God no longer sees our offensive thoughts, feelings, words and actions but instead these are washed away and replaced by Jesus’ own goodness.  The Father has infinite delight in this goodness as it is his very own reflected in his Son but given to us.

Grace is God’s underserved, unearned, unending pleasure in us, won by and received through Jesus Christ!  Once we trust in Jesus we are brought into his own friendship with God the Father as the Father’s very own children!

Enjoy Grace.