Monthly Archives: August 2014

To The Black Horse at a gallop!

We are moving!  From the 14th September we will be meeting from 3:00pm in the upper room of the well know Northfield pub ‘The Black Horse’.

After running a number of successful events there we thought it would be great, and maybe a little novel, to actually hold our Sunday meeting at the same venue.

The pub has been very helpful as we have sought to establish a weekly Friday tots stay ‘n’ play group called ‘Little Treasures’.  Again a pub is probably not the first type of venue that comes to mind for such a group but the arrangement has worked brilliantly.  The group is now full to bursting, often with people staying on for lunch at the pub afterwards.

Off the back of the success of ‘Little Treasures’ we have recently started an equivalent group specifically aimed at Dads/male carers and their kids called ‘Happy Hour’.  This is on a Saturday morning at the same venue, we have not yet decided how often to run it but are looking at maybe quarterly.

The plan now is to hold our Sunday community worship meeting, which involves refreshments, chat, music, preaching and kids work in the upstairs rooms of the pub.  I imagine the pull of being able to have lunch beforehand or/and a drink after will be strong for many and will give another opportunity for genuine friendship and community to be formed.

On one of our very first visits to Birmingham before I had a job here, before our second child was born and long before Northfield/Longbridge was even on our radar, we stopped off at The Black Horse for food on the way back home to Exeter.  Who new at the time it was going to play such an important part in our lives and the life of the church.

Black Horse here we come!

If you want to check us out on a Sunday or any of our other events please do.  All are very welcome!