This Sunday & more…

I hope you are all doing well in mind, heart and body. Underneath it all your spirit is doing well as it is born of God, let’s learn together to connect to it. I have a few things to update you on.

Firstly it is so important we keep connected during this time. We plan to meet on Sundays virtually and at the same time as usual. This will remain our central family connection point. For every bodies benefit it is important we keep in the habit of this.

For the moment the plan is to keep this in house using google hangouts (but we hope to move to live streaming the talk & using Zoom for interaction). You will be sent a link for this Sunday, please keep an eye out for it. As I understand it, if you use a laptop you do not need to specifically have ‘hangouts’ but if you are using a phone or tablet you will. However, if you have an android phone you may well have hangouts included anyway, or whatever device you have you can get the hangouts app for free from your app store.

We also intend to do Virtual Alpha, Virtual Coffee Morning and have several other idea (e.g. Virtual Fitness). Please also keep in contact with your Community Cluster, more info will be coming out on these and how they will work.

For the moment at least these emails will be the main & fullest source of information (please do read them, if you have not read the last one you can find it on the redeemer blog). Our Facebook page & WhatsApp group will also be used but for shorter info. If you are not connected to any of these please do so.

On Tuesday I was invited to a meeting chaired by the Northfield Community Partnership with local agencies etc. The Plan is to pool & coordinate local services and there will be one number to access this. As well as releasing this number online the plan was to flyer the area for those who may not be online. We (Red) were down to do this area but I was told this morning that flying is now banned. I will keep you updated of developments. Currently the local Food Banks are well stocked, but there may be a need for people who are happy to deliver food parcel & prescriptions.

How can I help:
-First & foremost please pray – for each other, your neighbours, your area, Birmingham, the nation and the world. This is so important and will also help you as well as those you pray for! One of the main ways we stop worrying about our own need is to pray for the need of others!
-Phone, the humble phone call is going to become more an more important, particularly for those who do not have the internet.
-Food Bank donations, even though they are currently well stocked we can help keep it this way by adding an item here & there as we go shopping, most if not all super markets have collection points.
-When you go shopping ask a neighbour or friend if they need anything you can leave it outside for them.
-Connect in to what is going on Virtually in the church to help make it all work and bring the love & joy.

We are facing many challenges but there are many opportunities to develop and grow and love! Let’s take hold of them with both (washed) hands! You grand kids may well ask you ‘did you live through the coronavirus crisis, what was it like?’ Let’s be able to answer them, ‘despite the difficulties we trusted in God together, we saw community built, the kingdom advance, the lost loved and Christ Jesus our Lord glorified!’ - Boom!   

Our key verse during this time of coronavirus outbreak is:

“fear not, for I am with you;
be not dismayed, for I am your God;
I will strengthen you, I will help you,
I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” 
(Isaiah 41v10 esv)

God your Father says this to you, meditate on it and take it deep into your heart until it is not just a thought or idea but a feeling, a conviction!

Much love to you all, God bless :-)