Monthly Archives: June 2016

Hope & Healing!

This year at our Hope & Healing Sunday on the 3rd July we have Noel Fellowes the author of ‘Killing Time’ coming to speak.  It will be great to have him with us and hear something of his story.

At the age of 22 Noel was arrested, charged and convicted of the killing of a man he had never met. He spent nearly five years in prison, where, as an ex-policeman, he suffered years of intimidation and violence. Upon release, he entered a life of substance abuse hoping to escape the years of pain, bitterness and hatred resulting from his sense of injustice.  Ten years after his release from prison, new evidence came to light and he was completely vindicated of the murder for which he had been wrongly convicted. Following his vindication, Noel wrote his best-selling autobiography ‘Killing Time’,

Noel found hope and healing in the good news of Jesus, come along to hear about this hope & healing for yourselves.