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What if?

What if a man in your town claimed to be a millionaire and is offering anyone who needs or wants it £50,000? It may seem unlikely to be true but wouldn’t you kick yourself if he turned out to be genuine and you missed the opportunity?
Isn’t an offer which could have a dramatic impact on your life if true worth investigating?
The bigger and better the offer the more sense it makes to look into it, to find out whether it is true or not.

No-one throughout history has made bigger and better offers than one man. He made claims about life, happiness, freedom, forgiveness, the world and eternity which if true will change everything for all of us!  The sheer size and awesomeness of his claims demands we investigate and consider them before we decide what we make of them.  Surely it is only rational to consider Jesus and his offer.

We need to make sure we investigate the claims for ourselves. This is too big a life issue to rely only on what we may have heard from other people, whether this is from parents, teachers, or TV etc. Please don’t dismiss Jesus because you already think you know what he is all about when what you have heard may be very different from the reality.  Have you ever really read and considered what he said for yourself?

My plea is please, please consider Jesus! Look into him and test what he said for yourself. There is too much at stake, to much to be potentially lost and gained.  If we are not going to follow Jesus we need to be sure why!

What if Jesus was telling the truth?  He is worth considering!

Five ways you could start investigating Jesus are:
1)      Come along to our Alpha Taster at 8:00pm on the 4th June at the Black Horse pub (Alpha is a free, relaxed, fun, course based around food set up to help people look into the life and claims of Jesus)
2)      Email me with any questions or comments
3)      Come along to our Sunday meeting, or any of our other events
4)      Read a gospel (Matthew, Mark, Luke or John). These are the four biographies of Jesus life from the Bible (we can send you one for free)
5)      Ask Jesus to make himself known to you

My Pleasure

Last Sunday we started our new series entitled ‘My Pleasure’.  It is five sessions exploring serious pleasure!

We kicked off with ‘Pleasure; the fullest and the longest’.  Psalm 16v11 says “You make known to me the path of life; in your presence there is fullness of joy; at your right hand are pleasures for evermore.” (ESV) 

No-one or nothing else can make a better claim to pleasure and joy than that.  You can not get fuller than full or longer than evermore.  The invitation to trust in and follow God is an invitation to pleasure - pure, unadulterated, incomparable, inexpressible pleasure!

The next three talks will be considering three specific pleasures.  Starting this Sunday 11th May with ‘Sex in another position’.  Then on the 8th June ‘Happy hour; drinks are on me’ and then ‘A sure bet’ on the 22nd June.  The plan then is to finish the series off with ‘His Pleasure’ a look at what God himself takes pleasure in, on the 13th July. 

We normally work through a book of the Bible, recently finishing a look at Colossians and will be starting a series looking at the book of Luke alongside ‘My pleasure’.  However, I wanted to spend some time specifically looking at the subject of pleasure as it is something which is often misunderstood but something we could all do with a lot more of!