Monthly Archives: November 2013

Christmas is coming

Wow tomorrow is December!  It will be Christmas day before we know it.  But before then is the Redeemer Christmas Carol Service.  This will be held on Sunday the 15th of December at our usual meeting place (Longbridge Methodist) but at the later time of 4:00pm.

Most people seem to enjoy a good carol over the festive period.  So please feel welcome to come and join us.  The service will involve a few carols (obviously), one or two bits for the children (plus a children’s activity pack) and a Christmas thought (something to ponder). 

The service will be about 30 minutes long so that both adults and children can enjoy it.  Christmas drinks and nibbles will follow and also a bouncy castle.  Everyone is welcome, it should be good fun and get us in the festive mood.  Christmas 2013 here we come!

Where has the time gone?!

Once again I haven’t written a post for far too long, time seems to fly by!  We are now two months into our public Sunday meetings.  These have gone really well, it’s great having a bit more space for adults and children. 

Every first Sunday of the month we have not held the normal meeting but put something different on.  In October we had a bbq at Waseley Hills Country Park and then last weekend we had a Bonfire night.  This was great fun with a number of guests coming along.  The evening included pulled pork rolls (yum), hot chocolate, mini bonfire, sparklers and fireworks!  

Last month we also held a prophecy and healing evening for the Little Treasures parents/carers.  A number of mums turned up and God really spoke.  We have had some exciting feedback and intend to do a similar event again.    

Since starting public Sunday meetings we have also started a monthly mid week prayer meeting.  The second of these was last night with a good supply of sweet treats to keep prayer energy levels up!  We also plan in 2014 to start once monthly mid week small groups so that we have a bit more time to chat and relax together.

With Christmas just around the corner we are now in the process of arranging how we will celebrate this together, more info to follow on this.