Monthly Archives: August 2013

Moving forward

Lots has been going on in the life of RED.  Recently we finished our first Alpha course.  This was good fun for all and two people made commitments to Jesus, whoop whoop!  We will be looking to put on another Alpha sometime after Christmas. 

Hannah has been very busy and last month started as the first employee of the church, doing 5 hours a week.  She continues to do all sorts which has included teaching a mid week parenting course and also a stand alone session for couples called ‘Lets stick together’.  As well as this she, along with her brilliant team, have started ‘Little Treasures;’ a Friday morning group for pre-schoolers and their parents.  A worker from the Birmingham Pre-school Alliance paid a visit to the group and said it was ’a lovely morning with a beautiful singing time’.

The next big step for Redeemer Church Birmingham is a public weekly meeting.  We are planning on going to this in September with the venue to be announced soon!