Peace – can I really have it?

Peace, real peace can seem elusive. We may feel we have it for a period, that everything (or enough at least) has fallen into place that we can relax and enjoy life for a while. However, even if we do ever reach this point, it does not last. Something always happens to cause stress, worry, anxiety or sorrow, and our hearts are troubled again as our minds are filled with concerns and doubts. True peace is not easy to come across and even harder to sustain. Yet we read in the Bible of a peace which surpasses understanding.

“the peace of God,¬†which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” (Phil 4v7esv)

This peace is not dependant on what is happening around us or even to us, but flows from something greater than us and our circumstances. It is a peace that can transcend any situation, however big, as it is based upon and comes from knowing someone who transcends all.

It is the peace of God in Christ Jesus. It is not a human peace gained though our own effort or ability. It does not fluctuate with the state of the world or our lives. It is not reliant on our control or management of events or people around us, but on something much deeper and rock solid – the unchanging nature and love of God!

However, to have this peace of God we first need to have peace with God, and this is our central problem. We all by nature and choice have rebelled against God, choosing to live our own way instead of His. Setting ourselves up against Him, in so doing rejecting the peace that is only found in Him. But this is why Jesus came! Through his death on the cross, he has made peace between God and anyone who would turn and put their trust in him. So we can then have the peace of God, as we walk with Him through any trial or tribulation.

There is only one true Peace – God Himself, and only one way to Him – Christ Jesus. Please look into him, there is no other!