The 8th of January

A year ago today we took the big step of moving from a monthly mid week meeting to our first weekly meeting in our home.  We have come a long way since then with new friendships made and existing friendships deepened, much fun had together and all sorts of events and meetings put on.  The fact that a few weeks ago, at our Christmas Carol Service, we had in total 43 people come along (27 adults and 16 children, one in the womb) demonstrates how much has happened in the past year.

This year, like last, the 8th of January marks the start of a new phase for Redeemer Church Birmingham. Today I began my part time employment for Red.  So far this has been most enjoyable, apart from an annoying 20 minutes of not being able to sign into this blog for some reason (first hurdle overcome).

I have been thinking through what I want for 2014 and over Christmas was struck by the statement in the Christmas story from Luke chapter 2, that the birth of Jesus is ’good news of great joy’.  That is what I want for 2014, great joy!

I have realised and began to experience that joy is found in joy himself, Jesus Christ!  In amongst the reality of the hardships, pain, suffering and just plain boredom life throws at us I believe genuine great joy (happiness/pleasure) can be found in and through Jesus!

I plan, hope and pray next year by the 8th of January great joy would be more of a reality in my life. I want it for myself, for my family, for Red and for the Longbridge/Northfield area!  This is what I am resolved to and Red is all about.  If you would like to join us in this, please do!

Amongst the troubles 2014 will bring may you also know genuine great joy in Jesus!  Consider him?

Happy New Year to you all!