Healing & Hope feedback

It’s been just over a couple of weeks now since our Healing & Hope events finished.  I am pleased to say both hope was received and healing was experienced!  At Healing & Hope @ the carnival a man who had a torn cartilage in his knee, to his own surprise said the pain had gone and movement was restored.  He demonstrated this by bouncing up and down on his knees (which he said he could not do before).  A number of other people were prayed for and many encouraging conversation where had, with one woman putting her hope in Jesus.

The next week at the Healing & Hope Sunday a woman whose vision had become blurred after a traffic accident said that it had cleared.  Also a man made a commitment to hope in Jesus.  The healing & hope then carried on into the next Sunday with a woman being healed of sciatica and then finding hope in Jesus in making a commitment to him.

We now have an increased expectation for Jesus to move in this way and are intending to be more active in seeking him to do so.  After the last month I am now convinced more than ever that Jesus is all that he claimed to be and so can give genuine hope and healing!