Mission, Plan, Vision

Now that the new year has started we are upping the tempo with growing the church.  We intend to meet weekly alternating between a prayer, praise and teaching evening and a social event of some sorts.

This Tuesday gone, at our home we held the first meeting of the year.  The intention of the evening was to start going through what we are about as a church plant.  Below is some of what was said.

The Mission (the goal)
To advance the Kingdom in depth and width! (Matt 22v37, Matt 6v10, Rom14v17)

The Plan (the how)
i)The Person – The plan is Jesus: Who He is, what He’s done, doing and going to do! 
-Know Him, Love Him.  John 14v6, Acts 8v 11-12

ii)The Power – The good news of Jesus is powerful like nothing else!

-Enjoy it, share it.  Romans 1v16, 1Cor 1v18

iii)The People – The church is the embodiment and messenger of the Person and the power.

-The church is community/family on a mission.
-Church is God’s Plan A for the advance of His Kingdom and there is no plan B.
-Be it.  Matt 16v18, Ephesians 3v10

The Vision (the what is church)

-Grace enjoying
-Christ following
-Spirit drenched
-Bible believing
-Good news sharing
-City serving
-God glorifying
community (gathered and dispersed).

I also went through our values which I will post another time.  In the coming weeks we intend to go through the beliefs we hold dear and see as vital for a life lived to the full.  2013 bring it on!