Below are the values we went through in our last meeting.  These are intended to help guide our decisions and create the church culture we want to have.

a) Honour Jesus – What most honours Jesus is what is right and best.
b) Knowing God = understanding and experience – Spiral.
c) Spirit & Word – Don’t truly have either without both.
d) Love God and People – Intricately linked and cannot be separated.
e) Growth/save – All actions are to serve the purpose of growth through salvation.
f) Engage without comprising – Love truth and culture.
g) Live in the now for eternity – Not for the now or in the future.
h) Thanksgiving – attitude of gratitude, we are always doing better than we deserve.
i) Humility – Correct perception of ourselves, God is God and we are not.  It’s all about Him, we are nothing without Him and yet have everything with Him. We have no reason to look down on or think ourselves superior to any other human being. Don’t steal the glory/credit but enjoy the gift.
j) Honesty – be real, no masks, no pretence, no keeping up appearances, no superficiality.
k) Friendship – to genuinely know and enjoy each other.
l) Fun – Laugh together and enjoy the ride.
m) Quick to forgive – Sometimes we will annoy even hurt each other.
n) Balance – To have a correct expectation of what to serve/be church looks like, commitment without overloading.  To recognise what is achievable and what is not.
o) Guts (courage/risk/faith) – to not, not do something because it is scary but to act on who God is and what God wants.
p) Grit – Life is tough but so is God and so is love.
q) Generosity, it is always better to give than to receive – to be able to give/serve is itself a joyous

gift from God and He is the one who will meet our needs.

r) Sole dependence on God – only God can sort our issues no-one/nothing else.
s) Interdependence – Human help and support.
t) Win Minds and Hearts – In all things never seek to force, but to lead people by winning their understanding and emotions to the cause.   
u) Question – Freedom to ask why.  No, no go areas.
v) Communication – Keep informed.
w) Innovate – Try things, it is not wrong to fail.
x) Excellence – To aim at making what we do (appropriately) good.
y) Prayer – this makes it all work.
z) God is in total control – He knows what he is doing and no-one or nothing can stop him.